4 Reasons Why You Should Grind Your Flour At Home!

Ever wondered about the quality of the flour you use? Some of us don’t, since it’s so readily available, we take for granted that even quality brands and flours are as good as they get.

We understand that life in the kitchen can be a real grind, so most people will not consider the option of milling their own flour. But this isn’t the 1980s with fussy flour mills. Modern automatic domestic flour mills will amaze you with their ease of operation and maintenance. So you CAN mill and you SHOULD, because the flavours will amaze you.

Read on to know in detail why you should mill your own flour.

  1. Jammed with Nutrients – Flour produced on a large scale, loses a majority of its naturally-producing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, thanks to processing. So, even if you think you are buying “nutritional” flour, you are getting a minimal fraction of the nutrition that is available in the grain. Using freshly-milled flour means you are using the flour right at the height of its nutritional peak. It is one of the reasons why it’s so flavourful and tastes fresh.
  2. Better Flavour – There are so many reasons why freshly-milled flour is our favourite, but pleasant flavour, aroma, and texture top the list. Freshly-milled flour creates scrumptious, nuanced rotis, breads, and cakes, with more intense zest and even more intense colours. Moreover, the natural oils present in the grain kernel add lightness to your flour, which means lighter, tender, and fluffier food items!
  3. Spoilt for Choices – Milling your own flour makes you in charge of the type of grains and food items you want to be made in your kitchen. You are empowered to decide exactly what you want to eat. From your choice of grains, grown where and how, down to how fine or coarse you grind them. The choice is all yours. For instance, if you want to make a gluten-free option for some of your family members with gluten sensitivity, but also want to have other alternatives for other members, you can easily do that. What could be better ? !
  4. Freshness is Important – This one doesn’t need an explanation but let’s talk about it anyway. Whether you get your food from a grocery shop, a neighbouring farm or your own garden, you insist on freshness. Just as juice made from freshly-squeezed oranges tastes better than that preserved in a bottle, items made from freshly-milled flour unlock terrific flavours and nuances. So, don’t make compromises. Ask your nose to tell the difference between freshly-milled flour and that in a bag. You will get your answer !

But, this leads us to another question ! Which flourmill does the best job ?

Buying a flour mill with all the essential features is indeed an investment. Although there are so many flour mills available in the market, we can vouch that Swachh Tech Aata Chakki is one of the easiest domestic flour mills to operate, maintain, and clean.

Swachh Tech hai to EASY hai !

  • Easy to Use – Swachh Tech Aata Chakki is super easy to use – just fill in the hopper, switch the chakki on and your flour is ready within minutes! The 4.5 kg hopper is specifically crafted to grind an ample quantity of grains at once; which makes your work much easier. You can grind large quantities in separate batches.
  • Easy to Clean – It does not spew flour all over the place. The inbuilt vacuum cleaner and a separate brush are provided to remove dust and flour stuck inside, making the chakki easy to clean. You can clean your flourmill with the cleaning brush and remove the stuck flour from every corner inside.
  • Easy to Move – Move your mill wherever you want. The nylon wheels at the bottom make it possible to carry the mill from one room to the other effortlessly. You just need to drag the machine and it goes with you.
  • Easy to Grind – The 7 perforated jaalis (sieve) provided with the flour mill grind aata at different consistencies. Select the jaali as per your need and get your desired flour in a short period. The grinding chamber made from Cold Forged Steel ensures “Iron particle-free” grinding.

Taste the Grain – Fresh from the Mill !

Milling your flour allows you to have fun with your food. You can create new culinary experiences with the huge variety of grains present out there. We bet that once you have relished on items made from your own home-milled flour, you will never go back to anything else. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the goodness of home-ground aata today! Order Natraj Aata Chakki here!

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